We’re Bucking Tradition to Rebuild an Old Ford Favorite with Some New Ford Technology

The Ford brand has a long and storied history, one rife with old favorites and national stars that just aren’t in production today. While we’re perfectly smitten with the current Ford lineup, we’re undertaking a pretty special, pretty secret rebuild project here at Ruxer Ford Inc.. Curious about what’s on the menu? Well, we can’t just tell you, but you can always saddle up and come in to see us for the reveal, three weeks from now!

3456 × 2304

The photo above is the only photographic evidence we’re going to give you, but maybe it’s enough for those old Ford diehards to figure us out. We’re basically chomping at the bit to show folks from Jasper, Washington, French Lick, Huntingburg, and Petersburg, IN all our hard work and open up the secret about which formerly sunset Ford model we’re dressing up with some modern clothing. Of course, we’re always open to guesses, but we won’t give up the name until our official reveal—so you’ll just have to wait for confirmation until then! But don’t worry, the three weeks will feel like they’re just galloping by, and you’ll have your answer in no time. Until then, happy guessing!

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