The Bronco Re-Build Continues A'Pace, But the Color Competition Is Still Yet to Come, So Keep Those Voting Fingers Ready!

Hey there Jasper, IN drivers! If you're following along with our Bronco Re-Born saga, you'll be glad to know things are steadily taking shape. There are still a few things left to go before we auction it off for charity during the September 8th, 2018 "100 Men Who Cook" event being held in Huntingburg, IN. You can follow along on our social media to see how the rebuild is going, but we've included an overview of work left to be done as well as a reminder for our color competition, so check it out.

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What's Left to Go in the Bronco Rebuild?

There's still plenty of work to go, but the Bronco project is certainly moving along a'pace. We've finished the tear down and have only just fit the front grille, which means our Ford Bronco is smiling again. After the grille, there's a lot of internal mechanical work to go, and after that, we'll have to apply the paint job. That's where y'all come in! We need some help deciding on what color to paint this Bronco as it rises from the ashes, so we'll be hosting a little survey in the coming weeks—keep your eyes peeled!

What Are the Color Options?

A few weeks back, we intended to open the voting up, but time got away from us, so thanks for your patience, as we know you're all eager to cast your vote for the exterior paint job on this Bronco revival project. There will be 12 color choices in all, but since the voting isn't open yet, we're only teasing a few of them, like Grabber Green, Grabber Orange, Lightning Blue, Magnetic, White Pearl, and Silver. Is there a specific color you'd like to see that we haven't mentioned? Send us a message on our Facebook Page or through our Instagram Profile (@RuxerFordLincoln) and let us know what you're hoping to see!

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