Receive Your Oil Changes and Prepare For State Inspection at Ruxer Ford Inc.

Oil changes and state inspections - two crucial aspects of vehicle ownership every driver, regardless of make and model, must tend to. Assisting drivers throughout their Ford ownership, Ruxer Ford Inc. provides drivers with the service they require to confidently pass state inspections. While our team of service technicians are expertly trained and experienced in a variety of maintenance and repair tasks, simple, straightforward maintenance significantly mitigates the likelihood that your vehicle will require extensive work prior to inspection. Our service mechanics are trained to identify and repair whatever your vehicle needs to pass inspection - however, a cost-effective way to minimize pre-inspection repairs is, quite simply, receiving regular oil changes.

Why Change My Oil at Ruxer Ford Inc.?

While various repairs may be required to pass state inspection, preventative measures are crucial to avoiding a costly repair that could eventually prevent you from passing your inspection until completed. While simple, an oil change ensures your engine remains cool and lubricated throughout its lifespan - preventing seizure, misfire, cylinder head cracks, and sediment buildup. When left unattended, an engine with cracked oil will begin to run hotter than usual, causing excess strain on an engine and its internal components. While engine oil can last beyond the recommended mileage, its efficiency significantly decreases and may result in a catastrophic engine failure if continually ignored. Ruxer Ford Inc.'s service technicians quickly perform oil changes on your vehicle to ensure the entirety of your vehicle remains in optimal condition - making it ready for state inspection, and extending its lifespan significantly.

Receive The Service You Require at Ruxer Ford Inc.

Whether seeking a routine maintenance task like an oil change, or a repair required for state inspection, Ruxer Ford Inc.'s team of service technicians tirelessly work to ensure your vehicle remains operating in optimal condition throughout its lifespan. Stop by our dealership to speak with a service center representative today, or give us a call to schedule your next service appointment!

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