Here at Ruxer Ford, we make sure your automotive needs are taken care of, which includes Ford service. But, there's plenty of services that you can do yourself if you're in a pinch and one of them is changing a flat tire. Today, we're giving you a guide on how to change your flat in a few steps so you can get to a service center like ours and get a new tire installed as soon as possible.

If any of your tires run flat, pull over to a flat surface somewhere safe so you have enough room to work on changing the tire. Get out the spare tire, usually located somewhere in the liftgate or trunk area of your Ford, along with a lug wrench and a jack, plus your owner's manual so you can see where to place the jack. If you can, chock the tire diagonally opposite of the flat tire to keep everything in position, and put on the parking or emergency brake.

From there, loosen the lug nuts on the flat tire, and position the jack to raise it so it's up off the ground. Remove the lug nuts and the fire, and install the spare tire, making sure the air valve is facing outward. Put the lug nuts back on, lower the jack, then tighten the lug nuts going in a star pattern, and you'll be finished.

Once you've got your spare tire on, you can safely drive, but you should get to the nearest service center as soon as you can and get a full replacement tire. That's something we're happy to help with at Ruxer Ford for all those in Jasper and the surrounding area. If you're in need of service, our team would be happy to assist you in any way we can, so contact us today to set up an appointment.

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