Keep Your Vehicle Up to Par with Winter Services at Ruxer Ford


We're all busy with the holiday season in full effect, but it's always a good time to remind people to not neglect your vehicle and the auto service you need to keep your vehicle performing at a high level. Here at Ruxer Ford, we can help you with service and repair this holiday season and provide you with the maintenance you need this time of year.

There are plenty of different services that you should consider for the winter season, and one of the major ones is tire service. We can take a look at your tires to ensure they have the right level of tread so you have traction and grip of the road. If the tires are worn we can replace them and help you find a new set, while we also can discuss winter tire installation options as well if you want. There's also tire rotations which help keep tread wear minimized and increase the longevity of tires. We can also perform alignments, which helps ensure you're getting a proper grip of the road and your steering is precise, which comes in handy when the roads aren't in good condition.

Our service center also provides help with car batteries if you're in need of a new one so you have start ups every time and don't need a jump, plus we can also inspect your heating system to ensure it's working, and help you find the right parts such as wiper blades, floor mats, and more.

We also advise that you get a snow scraper and brush to help clear the snow and ice from your vehicle, plus having a shovel in the trunk is also handy as well in case of a storm and you have to dig your car out.

To get started and arrange a service appointment with us, contact us here at Ruxer Ford and we'd be happy to provide you with the winter services you need just in time for holiday travel in Jasper, Washington, French Lick, Huntingburg, and Petersburg, IN today.

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