At Ruxer Ford, in the peak of summer we find that those who are looking to experience a vehicle that provides a high level of joyride quality only makes sense. It's why the Mustang grabs the attention this time of year. There's a lot to like about the iconic classic muscle car, as it has many standout models, and attributes that you're not going to find with its rivals.

If you put the 2019 Mustang against the Chevy Camaro, you'll find each one has style, performance and other features as staples of each brand's lineup. What you're also going to find is that the Mustang holds several advantages over the Camaro, too. It starts with different driving modes that allow you to adjust the steering, suspension and exhaust notes depending on the mode you choose, like Normal or Sport. The Camaro doesn't have that. Another feature that is exclusive to the 2019 Mustang is Quiet Start Mode. This allows you to set how loud the Mustang is on start up so you can have an early morning or late night exit without waking the neighbors or drawing attention to the vehicle.

Additionally, the Mustang has a customizable 12-inch instrument cluster that you can lay out how you'd like which isn't an option with the Camaro while the Mustang also earned one of the highest safety honors out there with a Five-Star Vehicle Safety Rating from NHTSA. Combined with having the most powerful engine ever on the Mustang GT, and you have a complete sports car package that you'll love.

To find out more, contact us here at Ruxer Ford and we'd be happy to provide you with all the details, answer any questions you might have and set up a test drive in the Mustang today.

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