Sometimes, the most common vehicle parts are the most essential. We all know a lot goes into making our vehicle run, but something you might consider minor has a big impact. One such example is wiper blades. You might not think it's a big deal, but wiper blades are key for you, and everyone else to maintain safety on the roads, and if yours are getting worn down on your Ford, our parts team can set you up with the right wiper blades for your vehicle.

Being able to clear off rain, condensation, or snow, or using your wiper fluid to get off any mud, dirt and debris that has gotten onto your windshield means giving you clear vision while driving. That's obviously something all drivers need to be doing, and the right wiper blades are able to help you achieve it. If you're noticing streaks on your windshield when you use your wipers, or your rain sensing wipers come on and don't clear off your windshield properly, that generally means it is time for a wiper blade replacement. We have the exact sizes for both front and rear wiper blades for your Ford and can have them ready for you at our parts department for pickup. We can show you how to quickly install them too, as putting on new wiper blades is simple and everyone can do it.

It's the little things that can keep us safe, and having clear vision and working wiper blades goes a long way in addition to the many standout features onboard any new Ford. If you have any questions, contact our parts team and we'd be happy to get started with you here at Ruxer Ford in Jasper, IN today!

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