If there's one thing we notice driving as the weather is warm and on days where we can have the windows down is that there's a lot more squealing noises coming from vehicles. Now, this could be any number of things, from a belt needing replacement, or parts needing lubrication, but often, the most common issue, especially if you notice it when you apply the brakes, is that your brake pads or rotors need to be replaced. Here at Ruxer Ford in Jasper, IN we can help you with your brake repair needs and get you back on the road with confidence.

It goes without saying that when your brake pads or rotors are worn, that decreases your stopping power, and makes you less safe as well as those around you. That's why it's an imperative service, and there are multiple warning signs. Like we said, a squealing or squeaking noise when you apply your brakes is one sign. So is your stopping distance being decreased, or a pulsating feeling when you apply your brake pedal. There's also visual cues too. You can see your brake rotors in between your wheels and if it looks rusted out or worn down, you should replace them. The same with the brake pads if they look worn down if you take a look under the wheel wells, it's a sign.

Our team can provide you with a quick and easy brake and rotor replacement and repair as it's a routine service we do regularly. We have the right parts for your Ford as we have brake pads and rotors for any vehicle from the F-150 to the Fusion and Explorer. If you're in need of an appointment, schedule one online or call our service center during regular hours and we can set a time among our available appointments today.

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