When you drive off satisfied with a new Ford from our Jasper, IN showroom, you're goal should be to enjoy it as much as possible, but to help keep that enjoyment high, you should follow a service schedule. Here at Ruxer Ford, our service center would be happy to help you keep on top of it, and get the best out of your new Ford with regular service at needed intervals throughout the course of your ownership!

Many basic service needs and repairs should be on your radar at suggested times or based on your driving habits. This includes oil and filter changes, tire rotations, inspections, along with brake pad and rotor services plus alignments and more. Many of these services are covered by your new vehicle limited warranty you get from Ford when you purchase or lease a vehicle from a Ford dealership like ours. It's all there in your owner's manual when you should get your suggested service, but we're also here to help you set reminders either via email, phone or we'll send you reminders in the mail so you're on top of it all.

We make it simple to get auto service as you can schedule online and find the appointment that works for you. Our team has you covered with genuine Ford parts, tools, equipment and technology which lets us work on standard repairs and services, as well as diagnose and fix any complex issues that might arise as well.

If you're looking to get started, contact our service center at Ruxer Ford and we'd be happy to get started and keep your new Ford going strong for many miles to come!

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