Summer is here, and while a few vacations might be put on hold, your auto service shouldn't be. All of us still need to drive whether it's to the store to get some essential items, or slowly as things begin to open back up again safely, and you need to commute. That's why here at Ruxer Ford we want to remind folks in Jasper, IN that getting the right service and auto repair for your vehicle for the summer months is important!

We have lots of suggestions from basic and simple repairs or replacements, to making sure that vehicle issue you might have noticed, but since you aren't driving as much, you've put it off. All of it deserves attention as our service center is open and we can take people by appointment. So what do we suggest? Here's a sampling:

  • To start, we always say make sure to check if any basic auto parts need replacement from your wiper blades to headlamps and even floor mats. We'll gladly install them all for you or help you get the right parts for your Ford so you can quickly install that yourself.
  • Checking your tires is also important. You want to make sure they have the right levels of air, but also a tire rotation is always a good idea as that helps evenly distribute tread wear and makes your tires last longer. If you're in need of new tires, we can also install those for you as well.
  • For the hot and humid days, you want your air conditioner to be working hard and efficient for you to cool down your vehicle and keep you comfortable. That's why a check of filters, tubing and the entire A/C system is a good idea to have checked, especially if you don't feel like your vehicle is cooling your vehicle down enough or the air quality isn't good.
  • A full fluid check from wiper fluid to transmission and steering fluid is a good thing to do as we can top you off, especially when the fluid warning lights are showing on your instrument cluster.
  • Getting oil and tiler changes are always a good idea, especially if it's been a while between them, because as we all know regular oil changes lead to a cleaner, long lasting, and more efficient ride.

If you'd like to get started, contact us for a service appointment and have your vehicle ready for summer today!

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