Car Fax One Owner Jasper, IN

CARFAX One Owner Cars: A better way to get a great used car

At Ruxer Ford Lincoln in Jasper, IN, we know how tough it can be to find a really dependable used car. If you buy from a private party, the car might look good but you have no way to check whether the car has been well cared-for. Buying at many dealers can be challenging because the sales people sometimes don't even pretend to know the car's history. A CARFAX® One Owner Car at Ruxer Ford Lincoln is a great way to solve those problems.

A CARFAX® One Owner Car is certified to have had just a single owner

With a CARFAX® One Owner Car from us at Ruxer Ford Lincoln, you have the assurance of the trusted experts at CARFAX® guaranteeing that any car with that designation really did have just one owner. What's more, with a CARFAX One Owner Car, CARFAX is guaranteeing that car has never been in an accident, so it won't have the long-term issues an accident can cause to the frame or the engine.

A CARFAX One Owner Car comes with a clearer maintenance history

In addition to ensuring the car had just a single owner, a CARFAX One Owner report can tell you the real story behind that car in terms of maintenance. Your CARFAX Vehicle History Report will show you the maintenance for that car that's been reported to CARFAX. Even if some maintenance didn't get reported, you still have a much better idea of how that car was serviced than with most used cars that have no certified history available.

With multiple owners, car problems can build up over time

It's not uncommon for vehicle owners anywhere, including nearby communities like Washington or French Lick, IN, to sell their vehicle when it starts having mechanical problems. It's easy to rationalize, "I'll just sell it and let somebody else worry about fixing it." That somebody else could be you. When a car has chronic issues, the car might be sold from one person to another while the problems build up. You usually have no way of knowing.

But when you're looking at one of our CARFAX One Owner Cars, you eliminate the worry about too many owners who keep passing a troubled car from one buyer to the next. Of course, the fact that a car had just one owner doesn't guarantee that owner took great care of it or that the car has no issues. But when you know there was only a single owner, the odds increase that the car had a more stable past. 

Fewer drivers can mean the car has a more consistent history

The way a car is driven can have an impact on its mechanical stability and long-term reliability. Some driving styles can be easy on a car's components and other styles can "rough up" a car so components wear out sooner. We all know driving styles can be as different as the personalities of the drivers themselves. A car that's had just one driver is more likely to have had a consistent style and that can help a car have a longer life expectancy.

A true one-owner car can cost a bit more but it's well worth it

A CARFAX® One Owner Car will usually have a higher price tag but it's a great investment. We'd never suggest you shouldn't buy a car that's had multiple owners because we know those can be very good cars as well. But the CARFAX certification puts the odds more in your favor and we strongly recommend considering these exceptional one-owner cars. Find your favorite and schedule a test drive soon at Ruxer Ford Lincoln soon in Jasper, IN.

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